Dr. Khanuja has been specially trained in the use all of the products listed below and firmly believes that they give her patients the best results possible.


GlyMed is a line of professional skin care products. Dr. Khanuja uses GlyMed products in the chemical peels she does in office . She also sells some of the products for patients to use at home.

Physician Elite Rx: GlyMed Plus Physician Elite Rx® Clinical Skin Care System provides complete and complimentary non-prescription skin treatments for the Physician. This professional level skin treatment line provides excellent home care for patients undergoing advanced treatments such as laser, light, dermabrasion, ultra-sound, and surgical procedures.

Cell Science: Cell Science® is balanced skin care: a harmonic blend of the nurturing and protecting elements of Nature with the wisdom and technology of Science – both ancient and modern. Use it every day for truly healthy, younger and more resilient skin … for life.

Age Management Skin Care System: The Age Management Skin Care System® addresses the individual challenges of chronologically injured, photo-aged and environmentally damaged skin. This System is a complete line of products that gently cleanse, actively treat, restore balance, and protect even the most sensitive skin for all skin types and all skin colors for cellular rehabilitation.

Serious Action: For more than a decade, GlyMed Plus® has developed, tested and refined state-of-the-art acne-fighting formulas, each designed to address characteristic problems that cause acne. Recommended by dermatologists and medical estheticians, Serious Action® Acne Management Skin Care System products work synergistically to restore healthy balance and aid in the reduction of acne lesions and scarring.

GlyMed Plus For Men: When it comes to men’s skin care, simplicity is key. Efficient, uncomplicated, 100% natural and masculine, GlyMed Plus® For Men uses the highest quality of ingredients and technologically advanced formulas.



Chlorhexidine oral rinse, which provides antimicrobial activity during oral rinsing.

PerioGard is used to prevent infection. Bacteria that grow on your teeth between brushings can cause infection. PerioGard destroys this bacteria. PerioGard oral rinse will help to decrease gum bleeding and redness and swelling of your gums. PerioGard oral rinse will not prevent plaque or tartar from forming on your teeth. Proper tooth brushing and flossing are still needed. Treatment with PerioGard oral rinse usually begins immediately after a dental extraction.

  • Anti-microbial oral rinse helps fight dry sockets
  • Promotes healing of swollen irritated gums
  • Safe and effective
  • Fresh mint taste